Something is wrong with the country and maybe you are looking for someone else who thinks like you do?   A Cockatoo is normally the first to alert you to danger in the bush. Here you can be fair dinkum and be a cockatoo.
This is no place for a perve, sorry mate. Have a yarn and give everyone a fair go. 
Here, DownUnder, we like to have a bit of a Chinwag with our mates whenever we catch up with each other. In these fascist days most parts of Oz have had this ripped away by narcissistic slugs who call themselves Pollies, but no piss-take, they've dropped the pill big time and it's time for the punt! They all speak out of their freckle and it dribbles out of the tv squarks mouths sun-up til sun-down and all the shadier parts of the day!
Give ya rellies a nudge and get them on the bandwagon for freedom, coz mate, we got this, no fluke!
Garn be a bonza place when the slugs are all sitting in the dock before God explaining away their wrong doings, for they've come a gutser big time! T
Everyone carks it and those in old fellas shacks are being forced into early carkatory to boost the slugs numbers 
Don't come the raw prawn with me, pollies!