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Alberta, Canada, Deena Hinshaw Vs. Patrick King – Summary.

v Patrick King was fined $1,200 for violating the Alberta Public Health Act for being in a group larger than 11 on 5th Dec 2021. Public space vs private place..

v Court Case: 4th May 2021, Patrick requested proof of isolation of the SARS-COV2 virus. Isolation of viruses prove their existence.

v Court Case: 18th May 2021. No Counsel, Patrick requested  to subpoena Deena Hinshaw, Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health. Wanting to cross-examine her to get undeniable evidence that the SARS COV2 virus actually exists in the material world. Court adjourned to later date.

v 21st May 2021.  Police officer arrives at Patrick’s home notifying Patrick cancellation of upcoming court case.

v Patrick scheduled a new court case, stating he knows his rights.

Sunday morning. Patrick subpoenaed by CMOH lawyers to appear in court in less than 24 hours.

Procedural Violation. Subpoena to be issued more than 24 hours before court date.

v Court Case, Monday: Procedural Violation announced and Judge agreed but declined adjournment. Case proceeded. See transcript.

v CMOH admitted in court that it has no material evidence the SARS-COV 2 virus exists in the real world. This was repeated “for the record” and confirmed as noted by the Judge.

It only exists on a computer screen as a simulation. The imagery is computer animated only and is not microscopic photography of a virus.

Her Majesty the Queen Vs. Patrick King

The Judge incorrectly advised Patrick telling him a JP can sign his required documentation. In fact, only a Judge can sign that.

v Court Case: 24th July 2021. Attorney General prosecutors from Ottawa present in court as observers, after hearing of Patrick’s progress so far.

‘Her Majesty the Queen Vs. Patrick King’. The Crown (Queen) is now the prosecutor.

v Patrick opened by reminding the court that Alberta CMOH do not have the material evidence proving SARS-COV2 exists, the Clerk and Stenographer were shocked and in doubt if they should record this fact in the recording of proceedings.

v Case was not won due to Jurisdictional Challenge, as the Judge told Patrick to subpoena Deena Hinshaw incorrectly allowing him to use a JP to sign it, rather than a Judge.

Pending court case to resolve this matter. Refer to Case “Rooke vs Alberta” in which everybody fined for covid breaches in Alberta is to attend court.

v In his closing remarks Patrick thanked the judge, thanked the crown prosecutor, and thanked Attorney’s General from Ottawa. He thanked them for teaching him correct courtroom procedure.

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v The MSM lies must stop immediately and they need to report the truth and just take home their normal pay and stop accepting large bribes to spread lies 24/7.

v Australian military need to STAND DOWN immediately and arrest the state and federal “leaders”, plus opposition “leaders” (pro lockdown, etc) as ordered by the Governor General. Do not enter private homes of Sovereign People. You are in breach of the Constitution and you must disobey invalid orders given to you.

v This case sets a Commonwealth precedent that can be used in every Commonwealth nation. Challenge any fines in court. The path is clear. Subpoena government officials and lying media if possible and let their system serve true justice. Capitol punishment should return for them.

v The PsyOp is coming to an end and punishments will be served for the guilty (refer GG videos on Truth page). Will you be one of the punished, or will you become a hero that our nation needs? Stop obeying psychopathic directives from politicians and do your own due diligence. Get written, signed commands from your superior if you disagree with their order(s).

v People keep up the fight and we will have a golden opportunity to make a better world without interference, coercion, regulation, manipulation. Bureaucrat nightmares will soon be over if we want them to be..  Peace, Love!

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